Services We Offer


The Architecture Department is responsible for the project design & construction supervision for quality control. A lot of research and surveys are conducted to evolve the most suitable plan to the satisfaction of the management. The finalization process includes landscape designs from reputed landscape architects, in house structural team and services & electrical department input. Our own technology of “Aluform” is integrated with designs for quality construction & faster completion and handing over units to the customers.


The Construction department focuses on the coordination of all building activities according to budgets. Meeting deadlines, maintaining industry quality standards, ingenious building engineering solutions and legal safety regulations are some of their responsibilities.


While the finance section is responsible for fund raising, reporting, statutory compliances & audits, project monitoring, the Accounts section is responsible for maintenance of day-to-day transactions of the group concerns, in line with the governing laws and regulations. Vendors’ Help Desk attends and redresses vendors’ issues and greivences.


The department provides legal expertise with a practical focus on current laws prevalent in the construction industry; whether for residential or mixed-use developments, hospitality and leisure facilities. Always with an eye on the commercial objectives, they support the company with a comprehensive knowledge of legal principles underpinning infrastructure and construction projects in the country.


This Department’s primary role is to liaison with Government. Offices maintain data & relations with government officials, rules and regulations of the state. They also facilitate project sanctioning from the relevant government authorities like Municipal Corporation, Central Building Dept., Collector Office, Dist. Office, Town Planning & Urban Development Dept. (Mantralaya) SRA & CIDCO.

Land Acquisition and Slum Rehabilitation

The Department identifies slum clusters, gets consents from slum dwellers through an interactive process and approvals from SRA, and acquires land. It completes the approval process by getting the Letter of Intent (LOI) from SRA along with the Intimation of Approval (IOA) and Commencement Certificate (CC) with the help of its experienced operations and project management team.

Sales & Marketing

A customer centric approach is the prime focus of our Sales Department. Everything moves around the customer, everything is for the customer and by the customer. The Sales Department has a customer relationship ideology and practice to educate, advice, get feedback from and ultimately give the best to our customers. Through this transparent and open-minded ideology they try to be better and better.

Retail Property Development & Management (RPDM)

This department was created specifically to handle commercial properties. Its responsibilities include leasing & sales of Retail Space & Commercial Offices and management of day to day operations of the commercial properties.

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